A Videographer’s View on The 150 for 150 Canoe Event

June 25, 2017 was the 150 for 150 canoe event that was held at Canoe Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park.
Canoe Lake Permit Office

So what was this event all about?

Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday in such an iconic Canadian way. 150 canoes gathered on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park.

After designing the 150 for 150 flag I was getting more and more eager for event day! The flag design came from a lot of messing around on photoshop, until I finally decided to go through and trace a maple leaf with paddles, which ended up looking awesome. On the day of the event when I saw people taking pictures in front of something that I made, the feeling was unreal and really special. I kept hearing people asking if their were flags for sale because of the unique design and that made me really proud.

The Video Crew.

On the day of the event it started off sunny when we left our campsite, but that changed as soon as we hit the road for Canoe Lake. It started spitting but we were staying positive and hoping that the rain would go away. WE COULDN’T BE MOREΒ WRONG.

We pulled up and it started spitting, so Michael and I got all of our camera equipment out and ready to start filming the event and set off armed with our umbrellas and rain coats.

Oh and for those of you that don’t know know Michael is, he’s a friend from school that helped me film the event this weekend!

Michael modeling is 150 for 150 shirt!

The reason that I attended this event was not only because its such a unique and awesome idea, but to film and capture the event through video. Being the only videographer at the event would have been extremely difficult which is why I asked a friend from school to help me out. We filmed on 4 different cameras in total and ploughed through memory cards like nothing!

There was quite a bit of rain at the event, it actually started to pour rain while canoes were just starting to get onto the water to wait for the event to start. Though these diehard canoeists were barely bothered and dealt with all the rain.

UMBRELLA’S WERE ESSENTIAL! They kept our camera’s dry while allowing us to still do what we needed to do.

Canoe lake
Dedicated canoeists toughing out the rain.

As the event progressed it was time to form a circle of canoes, conveniently it stopped raining right when we made our way to the circle.

Being a videographer for this event meant that my lucky parents got to chauffeur me around in a canoe so that I could get the footage I need. This was the fun part because at one point my Dad was even holding the umbrella over my head when it started to spit for a few minutes! After paddling around and getting the footage I needed we made our way to the circle, we stayed on the outskirts of the circle that way we could easily move around and just grab onto the backs of canoes as we needed.

My Chauffeurs.

Oh, did I mention I was standing up in the canoe?! This was necessary in order for me to get footage above the heads of the participants. It was a good leg workout thats for sure, balancing in a canoe with a camera is hard work!

The circle was formed, the flag was revealed and we then sang the anthem. It was amazing to hear all these different people in sync while singing and to come together as one to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in such a Canadian way.

Thanks to Michael he was able to get a lot of good shots and footage from shore while I went out in the canoe.

Circle of Canoes
Circle of Canoes.

We were out on the water for quite some time and I was able to get a lot of good footage! If you want to watch a little sneak peak of the event check out the video below. The official video is coming soon!

Overall, the event was extremely fun and it was an amazing opportunity to be apart of this event. Though the weather wasn’t the best at the beginning, the overcast skies made for awesome pictures and video that really made the colours of the canoes on the water pop! As someone behind the camera, the overcast skies make for ideal lighting when taking pictures and video. And on Canada’s 200th birthday I will be 68 years old and hopefully apart of a 200 canoe circle on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park!

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!









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