Hailey Sonntag
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Welcome to my blog Wild Canoes. Here you will find anything and everything to do with how I go about getting out there (with the odd exception to 😉).

I stared this blog because I love inspiring others to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Based in Ontario, Canada we have many different options and places to go and this is where I will be sharing my adventures.


Wild Canoes

Why Wild Canoes? Well, I decided that I needed a name that described who I am and what I love to do. So since I camp a lot and almost my entire Summer is dedicated to canoe trips I decided that the word Canoe had to be in there somewhere. Then I thought of my personality and a word that describes me and what I do, and thats when I decided on the word Wild.

And thats the story of Wild Canoes.

Who Am I Anyways?

Meet Hailey.

hiking ontario

Hailey Sonntag

Hi, I’m Hailey. I'm nineteen  years old, and love to spend whatever time I can outdoors exploring.

I am currently enrolled in a 3-year Television Broadcasting and Media program.

I take a lot of interest in video and photography and spend majority of my trips enjoying nature as well as documenting it through various types of video and pictures.

I also love camping year round, especially the winter in my prospector tent that we heat using a wood stove!

Thanks for reading!