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Dedication to the Canadian Wilderness | Sustainable Outdoors Co.

After scrolling through the feed of a camping group I came along a company called Sustainable Outdoors Co..

So now your wondering why I’m telling you about a random clothing company that I found online while I was on Facebook.

Well, there’s something unique about this Canadian clothing company. So I went to their website ( and looked into whats so special about this company and what makes them different than others.

If you purchase any of the products that Sustainable Outdoors Co. has to offer they are donating a portion of the cost of the purchase to a Canadian Conservation Organization and each month they donate to a different one.


They are passionate about the environment and want to do the best they can to sustain it that way everyone including future generations have a change to experience what we have now.

I really like the idea behind this company because its helping our environment and the Canadian wilderness, plus they have some pretty cool stuff! The product that I love the most is the blue hoodie! It’s warm, sports their awesome looking design on the front and your supporting a company that is giving back with every purchase.


I really like this sweater because its blue so it stands out, but I like it cause of the really cool logo in white that is in the front. Plus its really warm and thick which makes it a perfect go to. Overall i’m extremely happy with this product and would 100% recommend it to anyone. This month they are donating to Nature Canada, for more information on how the proceeds are donated you can click here!

Oh and until Halloween shipping is only $5 on all orders and they have some pretty cool clearance deals right now too!


Check them out here!

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