How We Start a Fire on a Windy Day/Campsite

So this past trip to Killarney in July we got quite lucky with campsites and had no significant amounts of wind.

Until the last night. Which obviously made it difficult to make a fire.

So Summer and I tried a few things.

Before the list, lets just keep in mind that Summer and I are impatient and get frustrated quickly when it comes to the simplest of things A.K.A making a fire to keep warm cause it was chilly!

  • Stand infront of the fire pit to block the wind


  • A cooking windshield

After getting quite frustrated we gathered some more kindling and put the wind shield around the fire we were trying to get started. Then we lit a piece of paper we had from one of our meal wrappers and lone behold the fire finally caught!

This is Chase. Chase it our younger brother, also known as the firewood collector for his older sisters 😉.

After the fire was able to run sticks the thickness off our fingers we carefully removed the fire shield (REALLY HOT) and we were able to put bigger sticks on. At this point the fire was going well enough that when the wind would gust it would only help the fire and make it bigger.

The wind shield was bought at SAIL for $11.99 and joins us on most of our back-country trips as its originally used for cooking, but hey! It works for getting fires started too!

Yours Truly,

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