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Keeping Warm While Winter Camping

I think one of the biggest worries of people that want to try winter camping is “what if I freeze?”.

The first thing you want to do when you step out of your nice warm car after a long drive up North, is to put on those layers and to start moving.

Keep your self hydrated and make sure that you eating. You want to fuel yourself with the calories that your body needs to keep producing heat. Make sure that you are eating foods that are full of protein more than sugar. Your body burns through sugar 10x faster than it burns through pure  food. 

So you’ve started your hike and you start to sweat, so you start peeling off your jacket, and then your base layer and now your down to your t-shirt. So instead of taking everything off right away, start your hike with your jacket undone. That way when you take your jacket off your body is already acclimatizing to the new temperature. 

Make sure you put on some good warm base layers when you go to sleep, wool will keep you quite warm. Stay away from cotton layers as much as possible. Oh and put on a nice dry pair of socks before you get in your sleeping bag.

Once you stop moving your body will automatically start to get cold again. Thats why when you only took off your jacket, because now when you put it back on your going to start to feel warm again. Although you won’t feel completely warm again until you start to move again.

Okay, so now its time for bed. So before you go to bed, get out your camp stove and boil some water. Then your going to fill up your water bottle (Nalgene’s work great) with that boiling water. Now when you hop into that cold sleeping bag, you have a nice hot water bottle to put at your feet or to put anywhere that feels the coldest.

Wool blankets are great to layer over your closed cell sleeping pad that you are using. You can use them to help insulate and there for keep you warmer.  

So hopefully a few of these basic tips help you to stay warm next time you are out winter camping!

Thanks for reading! 

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