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Within the past few years my love for photography has grown a lot. Like enough to have to bring 6 SD cards with me because i’m also taking video which is also eating up all of the memory on my cards.

Anyways, so this past Thanksgiving weekend my family and I went to Crotch Lake (Shall Lake Access). I was really excited for this trip because we don’t usually go on a canoe trip this late in the season as a family. But one of the main reasons that I was looking forward to this trip in particular was because of the fall colours and the setting of the fall season in my photo’s.

For starters,

My gear,

I take a lot of my pictures using a tripod. The pro to a tripod are that your pictures are level and that means you have less angle adjusting to do in post editing. The con toatripod is that you have make room for it in your gear and it adds weight. I decided to go with the Compact Action aluminium tripod with hybrid head from from Manfrotto.

And the camera that I’m using is a Canon 60D with the stock 18-55mm lens that comes with it.


Okay, so lets start off with how amazing Golden Hour is.

What is Golden Hour you may ask?





So this picture above was taken around 6:30pm this past weekend. At this time of the year Golden Hour comes and goes insanely fast as it gets dark quite early. In this photo you can see how the sun is surrounding my younger sister and it looks as if she’s glowing. Hands down, this is among my top 3 times of the day to shoot.

next, Overcast or cloudy Conditions.

At first you might think, oh no its cloudy and miserable looking outside. Yes maybe it is, but when

Overcast conditions are by far another one of the best conditions to shoot in as the colours of the sky are dull which makes any colours pop.

For example, the 150 for 150 event. The event day was a mix of sun and a whole lot of rain, resulting in constantly changing conditions which sucked for the sake of having to constantly change settings but was a bonus in the end.


Canoe lake


These conditions provide you with:

  • the skies provide soft lighting
  • natural soft box for your pictures
  • makes subjects stand out more
  • colours pop


The only con or downside to these conditions are Cumulonimbus aka Rain Clouds which means you might need to take cover with all your gear real soon 😉.




Another one of my favourites in photography are reflections. A mirror, water, or windows, any thing where you can see a reflection can turn an ordinary picture into something even more amazing. Reflection pictures can make a photo look more artistic or into an abstract piece. All you have to do is use your imagination.





Thanks for reading my random blurb about some pictures I like taking.

Yours truly,

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