Summer Solstice Paddle with Mike Ranta

Who doesn’t love a sunset paddle?

A few days before Summer Solstice Mike had texted me and asked me if I was up for an evening sunset paddle on Summer Solstice. So I said yes because why would I turn a sunset paddle down?!

I had the day off that day so after paddling back after my first solo overnighter, I showered and loaded my car up with my camera gear and my kayak on top. – Let me remind you that this is a difficult process when you are only 5’3” – I’ve kind of mastered getting the kayak on and off of my car now which makes the whole process a lot smoother now.

I grabbed my water bottle, flashlight (because I knew it would be dark by the time we were finished and needed make sure I was lit up bigger boats in the channel could see me) and some goldfish crackers and I was off to town to meet Mike at the Herbert Fisheries Dock where we would launch and start our paddle around George Island.

Upon arrival I pulled up to a not so happy Spitzii (Mike’s paddling partner whom is a very cute pup) but after some pets he seemed to be satisfied.

After getting our boats in the water – and me almost wiping out getting into my kayak – we set off on our paddle through the Killarney channel and then started around the island.

The sun was just starting to set and it was a really pretty orange colour. After we paddled for about half an hour we took a little break and just floated and enjoyed the sunset.

Of course I used this time to take some pictures of Mike, his new canoe and the ever so photogenic Spitzii. I was amazed by the beauty of this sunset and the pictures I was able to capture of it. 

We continued to paddle and the sunset was now almost fully down, and as we were paddling around the island and out of the sun the sky was a blue and pink cotton candy looking combo.

It was so beautiful to look at and the only reference I have to the colours is cotton candy – haha. 

Now that the sun was going down and we had been paddling for about an hour and a half, we had about thirty more minutes worth of paddling before we would enter the other side of the Killarney channel again. 

Mike pulled out these lights that he stuck in the front and back of his canoe which lit it up and wow did that canoe ever glow! I tried to get some pictures although it was quite hard being in a boat without a tripod.

After rounding the last corner, the lighthouse came into site and the only thing guiding us was Mike’s lit up canoe (which did actually look super cool).

We paddled back into the town of Killarney and it still amazes me that there is an actual dock and put in spot at the LCBO on the water, meaning you can park your boat and walk up to the LCBO. Little things like these make you realize how much different small town living is compared to living in the city.

After saying our goodbyes, I paddled back into the boat launch where we started and headed back to my car.

This was a really good paddle and its a cool feeling being surrounded in nature in your favourite place with someone who understands nature the same way that you do.

Dont forget to check out Mike’s Facebook page to keep up with all of his adventures! https://www.facebook.com/mikeranta2016/


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