The Happy Camper – A Kevin Callan Mini Doc!


At the beginning of this school year we were presented with a project which required us to pick someone who is talented at something and interview them. After growing up sitting in on Kevin Callan’s talks at various outdoor shows across Ontario, it seemed like a no brainer.

After thinking of how and what exactly to ask of Kevin we finally sent him a message. A quick response from Kevin resulted in some very happy college students. So we immediately got to work and started planning a date for filming and what exactly we wanted to focus this mini documentary about.

We came up with some general ideas of what we wanted this short doc to be about. After much thought then presented our ideas to Kevin and started to conduct a general shot list of what we were looking for.

We planned the dates that we were planning to go film with Kevin during what ended up being the province wide college strike. But that didn’t stop us, the equipment room was still open. We drove to Bridgenorth and once we arrived we were greeted by Kevin’s insanely friendly dog Angel. Kevin’s neighbourhood was a beautiful change in scenery compared to the city views were are used to.

We got to work with scouting out the area and setting up tripods, cameras and microphones for an interview.

After finishing Kevin’s interview we still had enough daylight left to start filming b-roll.

B-rollĀ is supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot.

Since it was Kevin talking the whole time it required a lot of b-roll of him in a canoe, obviously. We decided that we were going to use my personal camera in the canoe rather than using the schools equipment.

After a long day, we set up our tents on Kevin’s front lawn which also happened to be his septic bed. Kevin was a great host, he made us dinner and even let the guys come in and watch the Maple Leaf game while it continued pour rain outside.

The next day we spent the entire morning finishing up our b-roll. As seen in the mini doc we have many shots of Kevin paddling and portaging which was necessary in order to match it to the topics he discussed during the interview.

After that we packed up the cars and headed back to Hamilton as we had to return our equipment by the afternoon.


After days and nights spent editing we were super excited to finally post the final product.



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