The Penis Game | Camping Edition in Killarney Provincial Park

So this year on our 9 day canoe trip in Killarney Provincial Park we stayed on Norway Lake for 2 nights. On the first night we were sitting around cooking our dinner when were heard some voices at the portage that wasn’t to far from our site. After hearing a bunch of voices coming from girl’s we came to the conclusion that it must be a camp of some sort. So we decided that we were going to play the “Penis Game”. 

So for those of you don’t know what the Penis Game is…

Definition from the Urban Dictionary

So we started playing and after a few rounds we heard a response from the girls that were at the portage. We didn’t think that they would answer back at first because ya know, we were in the interior of Killarney! Its quite hard to describe this through words as its one of those things were you had to be there to fully understand how funny we thought this was.

We also decided that it was a good idea to record this since we were so happy that we got a response! Check out the video below!

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