Wild Temagami Documentary Plans

So many of you have been asking when they are going to be able to see the full documentary. 

To answer your question, we don’t have a concrete date that we will be officially releasing it to YouTube publicly.


So make sure to click here to subscribe to our channel to make sure your notified when we upload! Also check out the hashtag #Wild Temagami on Instagram to find our latest posts if you aren’t following us.

Although so far we have submitted into three different festivals which has been super exciting for us because without all of your support we wouldn’t have been able to do this.

We received a positive feedback from our classmates and professors at the Mohawk Independent Film Festival which our program hosts each year.

It made me feel really good to see everyone connect with the film even though they had no idea what Temagami was before watching. 

For the time being, we plan on releasing a few “vlogs” that we had filmed of ourselves and the experience we had while on this trip filming. 

So since there is no set release date, we will be keeping you updated through out Wild Temagami Instagram and Facebook. 

Thanks for reading and we cannot wait to share this final product with you!

Michael and Hailey

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